Who’s Who at Health:Refactored


Day one of Health:Refactored is officially in the books much to the relief of many tired shoulders. After all, there was hardly a panel or speaker who didn’t resort to the tried and true crowd favorite: “Raise your hand if …” And no, the sore shoulders are not a jab at our target audience (read: developers). Rather, the fatigue stemmed from the simple fact that people require a lot more hand raises these days to describe their experiences and occupation(s).

The hand raising got started bright and early with Health 2.0 CEO Indu Subaiya’s opening remarks where she felt out the crowd with a series of questions. Health:Refactored is branded as a conference for designers and developers working in and around the health care space, but it’s hard to tell who exactly makes it into the auditorium for the event.

If Subaiya’s survey is any indication, the Health:Refactored crowd is pretty heavily weighted on the technical and entrepreneurial side with maybe a slightly smaller representation of designers. Attendees also seemed evenly distributed between health care veterans and health care newbies (exciting, welcome new friends!). These buckets were hardly mutually exclusive though as most everyone seems to dabble in business, and the brave seem to dabble in everything.

The questions continued throughout the day, and with the right combination of imagination, lighting, and squinting you could almost see the raised hands shape shifting into ven diagrams. We are software developers and MBAs, but on a broader scale we are patients and stakeholders interested in fundamentally changing the world. All these questions and more were on tap in day one, which revealed the Health:Refactored crowd to be a bunch of chameleons. It’s hard to tell what day two will bring with this crowd, but in the meantime, we should probably all get our shoulders loose …

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