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UCLA partnered with Twitter, Instagram and Vine to share live images and videos of surgeons implanting a brain pacemaker to treat Parkinson’s disease in a patient last week. The exercise aimed to educate future patients about the benefits of this procedure.

According to a new study, patients with high blood pressure who used online tools to communicate with their pharmacists had better blood pressure control a year after that service ended. The study was conducted at a Seattle-based health care system called Group Health.

Keenan, a privately held insurance brokerage and consulting firm, launched a website providing information on Health Care Reform (HCR) and its impact on school districts, public agencies and health care organizations. The website will help employers understand and prepare for the approaching changes resulting from the shift in the nation’s health insurance system.

A research study presented at the American Heart Association‘s Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2013 found that an iPhone app can transmit ECG images faster and more reliably than email, thereby speeding treatment for the deadliest type of heart attack in which a clot blocks blood flow to the heart.

John Muir Health selected ZirMed‘s suite of cloud-based revenue cycle management, clinical communications and analytics tools to enhance its financial and operational performance. ZirMed is a health information connectivity and management solutions company.

A new Kickstarter project called the W/Me band launched with the goal of providing a more holistic picture of wellness than other activity trackers. The W/Me project specifically targets managing breathing and describing a user’s mental state.

According to a new study, patient participation in medical decision-making may lead to increased resource utilization by hospitalized patients. Shared decision-making has been associated with improved patient satisfaction and outcomes, but little is known about decision-making in relation to resource use.

Neurotrack, winners of this year’s health prize at SXSW, raised $90,000 in seed funding. Neurotrack offers a computer-based cognitive test that can detect an impairment on the Hippocampus, the first structure in the brain to be impacted by Alzheimer’s.

PatientSafe Solutions, a smart point-of-care mobile solution, announced that Parkview Medical Center extended its PatientTouch implementation through new capabilities, including HIPAA-compliant text messaging to improve care team awareness and coordination across clinical departments.

A New York Times editorial by Tom Friedman says that Obamacare, the HITECH program, and HHS’s release of its databases created a new marketplace and platform for innovation that may improve care and lower costs because of the availability of information. Of course, many of you reading this already knew that.

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