Crowdfunding to Help Cancer Survivors

Crowds4CancerThe Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) recently announced winners to the Crowds Care for Cancer Challenge. These finalists will move to Phase II of the challenge where they can leverage promotion on the MedStartr crowdfunding portal to receive funding for the development of their app.

When this challenge was first launched in April, we were really excited to see what new and innovative solutions our developers would come up with. The ultimate goal of this challenge is to improve transitional and follow-up care by optimizing the patient-provider communication channel with a patient’s individual care network. The care network often includes families, friends, and members of both their primary and specialty care team.

The possibilities were endless: the transition from specialty to primary care is a pressing challenge for post-treatment cancer survivors, and there is a great need for new approaches to facilitate cancer follow-up care in a comprehensive, coordinated, and high-quality manner. We are happy to announce the three finalists from Phase I who have proposed innovative solutions to do just this.

These teams will progress to the next phase of the competition:

  • Medable
  • JourneyForward
  • PatientsWithPower

These finalists will have their tools or applications posted on the crowdfunding portal where the public can view and provide feedback. This means that in addition to healthcare application developers and mentors — cancer physicians, nurses, and survivors themselves — all have an opportunity to voice their opinions for what they envision an ideal application to entail. Furthermore, they can support the ones that they see the most promise for. At the end of the crowdfunding phases, finalists will submit a functioning application and have the chance to win a $25,000 grand prize!

Check out the finalists and provide your thoughts and feedback here and on the Medstartr Page!

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