Matchpoint | East: New Opportunities for Startups

MatchpointNow that registration is open for the workshop, and we are finalizing our selections for Matchpoint | East, our preparation has finally come to a head. Just going through our database for our June 25th event at the New York Times Building, it’s so satisfying to be able to cross off a few companies from our list– a group of companies that have been acquired — or taking note of companies that have successfully partnered with our past sponsors. I can only imagine how these companies felt when embarking on new collaborations.

I’ve also been struck by the sheer amount of trailblazing technologies that have developed over the last year. What makes this process of matchmaking between selected companies and our industry sponsors exciting, is the prospect of entirely new partnerships. Additionally, we’ve learned to identify signal from noise efficiently, making this year’s meetings even more meaningful.

Looking forward, I’m excited to see these new partnerships emerge from our matches this year. Kicking off in NYC, we have a great line of sponsors and speakers which include representatives from Walgreen’s, Cigna, Humana, Healthagen (Aetna’s brand for its division of health and technology services), the New York City Investment Fund, and the New York eHealth Collaborative.

If innovators are not selected to meet with our sponsors, they can still join us at Matchpoint for our workshops. Check out our workshop topics as registration for this is open to all. We also have a networking cocktail event after the Matchpoint meetings so that everyone has a chance to mingle.

Matchpoint fundamentally is about making connections that stick. If you’re tired of hearing/giving demos or participating in discussions that aren’t targeted for your specific needs, it’s about time to join Matchpoint.

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