Health 2.0 and Enspektos to Reveal a New Breed of Health Technology Market Intelligence During August 15 Webinar

I think you would agree that we’re living in amazing times.  Technology is poised to transform health in ways we could only imagine just a few years ago.  And, the pace of change is accelerating, which makes it difficult to navigate this fast-changing landscape.

Mastering the evolving world of health technology requires slowing things down to examine the big picture and looking ahead to understand what the future will bring.  This is easier said than done, which is why my firm Enspektos, LLC and Health 2.0 have come together to implement a unique market intelligence partnership.  It will combine:

  • Groundbreaking insights on how digital content can be used to change health behavior – whether you’re delivering it online, via a mobile device or other means.
  • Deep and sustained intelligence about the shape and future of digital health from a consumer, technology and company perspective.

Health 2.0 and Enspektos are holding a Webinar on August 15 where we’ll not only talk about our partnership, but also provide a sampling of the kind of big picture intelligence and analysis we’ll be delivering.  You’ll also learn how you can access our unique insights and much more 24/7.

Click here to spend an hour with us learning about the new breed of health technology market intelligence Health 2.0 and Enspektos will deliver.  The session will be well worth your time.

Fard Johnmar is founder and president of Enspektos, LLC, a digital health innovation consultancy.  The firm’s mission is to help the health industry and its clients understand how to use technology to shape how people think and act around health and wellness. 


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