Women take the stage in digital health: 5 leaders to watch!

As we gear up for the 7th Annual Fall Conference Health 2.0 has been struck by the number of women-led companies changing the face of digital health and are captivated by who these women are. For one they’re younger than ever before and they’re also attacking health care problems with far ranging backgrounds, many outside of health care. And they have global ambitions.  Here are 5 women CEOs to pay attention to, most of whom you can catch on the mainstage of Health 2.0 next month.

Akhila SatishCyber Doctor
As one of the first clinical practice tools to build a simple, elegant workflow enabling patient-physician communication and patient-centered decision making, CyberDoctor is breaking new ground in improving patient awareness, adherence, and outcomes. CyberDoctor first presented on the Health 2.0 stage at Health 2.0 Europe 2012 in Berlin and welcomes CEO Akhila Satish back in 2013 as a Rising Star at the 7th Annual Fall Conference to unveil CyberDoctor’s brand new app, PatientPartner.

Julia Winn, BetterFit Technologies
BetterFit Technologies was originally presented at the Annual Fall Conference in 2012 as a platform for using NLP on over 100,000 free text comments from women’s health forums allowing women to compare their birth control side effects.  Recent Harvard graduate Julia Winn joined the inaugural Health:Refactored event in May 2013 to demo a two-way text messaging system for enhanced patient-physician communication. At the Seventh Annual Fall Conference in Silicon Valley Julia will shine light on yet another exciting iteration to the BetterFit product which is sure to impress.

Chiara Bell, CareTicker
CareTicker’s suite of tracking apps includes KnockedUp, an app for pregnant women covering the spectrum of the pre- and post-natal experience. Expecting mothers can access suggested checklists, OBGYNs in their area, new-mom resources, and the app will even notify the care team and loved ones when she goes into labor. CareTicker’s CEO, Chiara Bell launched her first company, Enurgi, at the 2008 San Francisco Fall Conference before selling to Univita. She has worn several hats on stage at Health 2.0, including and certainly not limited to presenting CareTicker at the 2011 and 2012 Fall Conferences, discussing her multiple start-up ventures at Spring Fling 2012 Matchpoint Boston, and moderating the session, The Well Woman: Reproductive Health in the 21st Century at the 2012 Fall Conference.

Hind Hobeika, Instabeat
Hind Hobeika is a swimmer, an engineer and the CEO of Instabeat which has developed the first heart rate monitor specifically for swimmers. Formally known as Butterfleye, this waterproof goggle attachment device got off the ground thanks to an indiegogo campaign and gained further traction after demoing at the 2012 Fall Conference. In less than a year Hind has made huge strides in product development and returns to the Health 2.0 stage in 2013 all the way from Lebanon as a Rising Star to present the latest iteration of rebranded Instabeat.

Christine Robins, BodyMedia
Christine Robins’ background is with Philips toothbrushes but between multiple product demos from armbands with Jenny Craig, Sprint, and The Biggest Loser to disposable patches, Christine has grown BodyMedia from tracking devices to a full quantified self movement.  Back in April of this year Jawbone made big news by acquiring BodyMedia and this Fall Christine will join Health 2.0 to discuss her experience in an onstage interview with Sara Reistad-Long during the session 3 CEO’s.

In celebration of XX in Health week, we salute these leading ladies of digital health and look forward to new developments on their journeys as entrepreneurs.

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