Microsoft Crowns a Winner in the Health App Challenge


The Re-Imagining Consumer Health with Windows 8 and HealthVault Challenge was designed to create a health management app for the next generation consumers who want to stay healthy, and to actively monitor chronic health conditions.  There were a few key criteria that had to be met:

    • Creativity and innovation
    • Potential for patient engagement and improving individual or population health outcomes
    • Design, usability, and intuitiveness of the application including design in alignment with Windows 8 design
    • Use of Windows 8 features
    • Meaningful integrations and data exchange with the HealthVault platform
    • Ability to reach a broad range of consumers or healthcare providers

The hope was that developers would combine the powerful and extensive data from Microsoft HealthVault into an app with cutting-edge Windows 8 features & design and the product would be a more engaging and better integrated health solution. Throughout the course of the competition, many submitted their applications, but only one could be the ultimate winner, and that winner was Health eConnect, a team from the Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research at Nova Southeastern University and Techmind led by Dr. Zaher Hajar. And although 2 other teams gave Health eConnect a run for their money – Health Solutions Team in 2nd place and Pencil Appoint in 3rd place – their application won the grand prize of $10,000, a Microsoft Surface Pro, and Microsoft will continue to work with the Health eConnect to improve and release the app in the coming months.

Health eConnect enables consumers to manage chronic conditions. By leveraging data from HealthVault the Windows 8 app presents users’ health data in a visual manner and enables timely notifications to help consumers more actively manage their conditions and remember to take medications. Users receive timely notifications and reminders through the app’s live tiles, making it easy to take action and keep health information up to date. Combining these features with the data consumers have access to through the HealthVault ecosystem of apps and devices is a strong combination with the potential to have real impact on outcomes.

Microsoft looks forward to working with the Health eConnect team to continue to refine the application and prepare it for final release in the Microsoft Store. Stay tuned to Health2News, @health2Dev and the Family Health Guy Blog so you can be the first to download the new Health eConnect App. Congrats to all of the teams!


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