10 Companies to Watch at Health 2.0

There are a lot of ‘big’ things happening at Health 2.0- big companies, big names, big numbers. Big is good, great even, but there’s an important thing to remember about ‘big’: everyone who goes big starts small at some point. This fall at our Silicon Valley conference, ten startups from The Iron Yard’s digital health accelerator will take the stage to show Health 2.0 what they’ve got.

Some are in fairly uncharted territory. Prime Genomics is a game changer for diagnostics, with an early stage breast cancer test using only saliva (with 17 other biomakers waiting in the wings). Early studies show it’s more accurate, cheaper, and less invasive  than mammograms.

Chartspan is the first to admit they’re playing in a tired space: personal healthcare records. What do they have that the 800 pound gorillas in the space didn’t? A fully automated process using advanced OCR technology that circumvents roadblock other PHR’s have faced, manual data entry.

Meet the teams:

Vheda Health
CEO, Shameet Luhar
Vheda Health is the first personalized care management platform on a mobile device for people with Type 2 Diabetes. They take high risk, high cost patients and turn them into healthy ones.

CEO, Jon-Michial Carter
The world’s first automated PHR app, Chartspan is how mothers manage their family’s healthcare information.

CEO, Sean Elwell
Care.IT is care through IT; healthcare on your phone, healthcare on your tablet, healthcare on your computer. Care.IT connects patients with low cost providers to be diagnosed and prescribed. Care.IT is healthcare anytime, anywhere.

CEO,  Todd Huffman
3Scan is rethinking histopathology by building automated microscopy tools and software for large-scale tissue analysis. What a human pathologist does in one year, 3Scan does in one day.

CEO, Dan Godla
ThoroughCare is rethinking the way patient assessments are performed.  Care managers and healthcare professionals can now use a guided-interview style approach to engage their patients more efficiently.

Prime Genomics
CEO, Sandy Shaw
Low cost, non-intrusive screening of breast cancer using saliva. First line before mammography to increase access to early diagnosis.

CEO, Jim Ness
MyDocTime increases patient convenience and doctors’ revenue. Patients search for, find, and book appointments with doctors from anywhere, anytime and doctors easily fill cancellations.

Blaze Health
CEO, Darlene Rodillo
Blaze Health connects the dots between what we eat, and what we burn through visual cues and connectivity.

CEO, Senthil Premraj
Traditional wellness programs, don’t work. Healthplotter is scaling what does; monetarily incentivizing and disincentivizing healthy results, not participation.

Second Light
CEO, Ajay Pal Singh
Second Light improves the eldercare experience for seniors, doctors, caregivers, and families.  Elders easily access loved ones’ social feeds in one stream. Caregivers, doctors and loved ones share updates and reminders about daily medications and tasks.

Learn more about The Iron Yard [hyperlink: http://theironyard.com/] and follow them on twitter @theironyard.

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