Entrepreneurship In Digital Health – An Update From Health 2.0’s Chicago Chapter

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Chicago Health Tech and Health 2.0 recently organized several panels to equip early stage health tech entrepreneurs with inspiration and context for starting up in digital health… and finishing!  What do you need to know about starting a health tech startup? This session from Chicago Health Tech and Health 2.0’s April 2013 conference tells you what you need to know about bad boy buzzwords like HIPAA, FDA regulations and telemedicine regulations.

Discussed in this panel session:

  1. High level overviews of HIPAA for entrepreneurs by Stephanie Vasconcellos, a subject matter expert with Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg
  2. Ms. Vasconcellos discusses when you need to make sure you are compliant with HIPAA’s patient privacy requirements? In some cases, you may not need to worry
  3. Hear how Fahad Aziz, co-founder and CTO of CareMerge, executed HIPAA privacy compliance for his startup
  4. High level overviews of “human factors” from the FDA’s vantage point by Jane Lea Smith, a subject matter expert with Gfk User Centric
  5. Is your mobile app a “device” that falls under FDA purview? (maybe…)
  6. Hear how Sarah Doherty, co-founder and CTO of TeleHealthNow, negotiated FDA regulatory requirements and telemedicine regulations. Instead of drowning in legal redtape and regulatory requirements, TeleHealthNow strategically built that into their business strategy

Questions from the audience

  1. Is it safe to be lean, test your product and business model – and worry about HIPAA later? How would you go about this?
  2. What are HIPAA compliant solutions “in the cloud”
  3. When do you need to get additional permission from patients to use their information in additional, previously undisclosed ways?
  4. What barriers prevent the adoption of telemedicine?
  5. What if you have an app that performs “telemedicine” functions? Can clinicians bill for it?

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