Congrats to the Shire ADHD Transitions Challenge Winners!


The time has come: the winners of the Shire ADHD Transitions Challenge have been announced! Many companies competed, but only three came out on top. For a little background, the Shire ADHD Transitions Challenge was a two phase challenge that encouraged developers to create a tool to aid individuals who have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The prizes totaled $150,000, with the winner taking home a whopping $100,000!

In the first phase of the challenge, five finalists were chosen from a pool of 40 candidates. These finalists were Actions Hero, ADHDGo, GenR Media, Omniscience Mobile & Rebar Interactive and Zenity Health, and they won $5,000 each. From these five finalists, the 3 winners were chosen. Starting with 3rd place, the winners were:

3rd Place:
Actions Hero – A fun, interactive tool that uses positive feedback to encourage the user to complete tasks and stay on schedule.

2nd Place:
ADHDGo – A tool that employs content features to provide users with help through social support, life skills, expert information and self-management.

1st Place:
Omniscience Mobile & Rebar Interactive – The Traxion app uses proven management techniques that have been adapted for the modern ADHD adult

As we mentioned before, the grand prize winner won $100,000 as well as a presentation at and 2 free passes to the Health 2.0 2013 Fall Conference, while second place took home $20,000, and the third place won $5,000. We are proud of our winners and excited to see where these apps will take you next!

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