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Palomar Health released a mobile app built with Extension Healthcare that locates patients and lets caregivers communicate.

As of 20-Nov, Henry Chao, an administration official who oversaw the technical development of the federal health insurance marketplace, estimated that about 40% of remained to be built.

MetroChicago HIE will launch early next year, reports say, with 34 area hospitals participating initially. The HIE was originally planned in 2009 and announced in April 2011.

Older adults who tried special brain training computer games had better gait and balance than their peers afterward according to a new study.

TeachAids, a non-profit spun out of Stanford, developed an animated course for HIV education that is likely to be introduced in schools and colleges next year in Odia, India. Additional distribution agreements ensure that the software will likely reach more than 100 million people in 2014.

Zane Benefits, a provider of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) administration platform for defined contribution health care to small business, published new information on how to reimburse exchange health insurance.

healthPERX, a health and lifestyle benefits program, is offering a telehealth service to help reduce employee sick days and increase productivity. It provides round the clock access to certified health care providers, allowing employees to easily treat a health problem quickly and reduce the chance of more sick employees.

According to a new report by Research and Markets, the total mHealth market revenue will grow by 61% (CAGR) to reach US$26B by the year 2017, reaching out to a market base of more than 3.4B smartphones and tablets.

Remedy Informatics, a provider of registry-based software products for life sciences research and health care delivery, was selected by DKMS, a bone marrow donor center, to provide a platform to aggregate various data sets, registries, applications, analyses and other content.

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