Interviews of Key Players in the Allscripts Open App Challenge, Part 1

The Allscripts Open App Challenge, which awarded $750,000 to 20 applications, wrapped up earlier this year.  The competition lives on as a huge success and a model for other companies betting on “open” strategies.  We wanted to take the opportunity to share some insights gathered from the Sponsor and Winner of competition, and will be running a series of interviews with challenge participants over the next few weeks.

We kick-off our interview series with Tina Joros, Director of the Allscripts Developer Program, focusing on the inspiration behind the challenge and next steps for Allscripts.  Enjoy!

Tina is the Director of the Allscripts Developer Program and the lead coordinator of the challenge within Allscripts.  Her attention to detail and care in making sure participants had everything they needed were vital to the competition’s success.

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