The Future of Health Care Consumerism with Ann Mond Johnson – Thursday 12/12


Ann Mond Johnson, Chariman of Connectedhealth will join Health 2.0 EDU Thursday 12/12 at 2pm PT to lead an educational webinar on “The Future of Health Care Consumerism.” In this course, Ann will leverage her experience working in consumer facing health care companies to illuminate and discuss how recent legislation, changing market trends, and the empowered consumer movement will impact consumerism in 2014. Her case studies examine how cost transparency, health technology retail, and employer wellness programs have generated a new consumer market and how you and your business can succeed in the changing landscape. Read more and register for the course here!

EDU: What has your experience in the health care space taught you about health care consumerism?

AMJ: Having been at this for more than a few years now – first with comparative quality and cost information and now private market places – I’ve learned that the true game changer in health care is the American shopper. And for good reason: They are spending more of their own money as rising health costs are shifted to them. And they are demanding value in health care as in other facets of their lives. Ultimately, the consumer experiences in other industries – like retail and financial services – will continue to drive new expectations of the health system.

EDU: Over the course of your career, where have you seen consumer facing business succeed and fail in health care?

AMJ: Last month, I wrote a blog post about the controversial launch of, and why – in a nutshell – “everyone needs to calm down.” Much of the media and even leaders in our industry keep referring to the site as a “failure.” For me, what’s happening with this roll out is not a failure but a stumble – one that is getting resolved as we speak. As consumer-driven organizations and leaders in the health industry, we have a critical responsibility to step up, educate people and help them make good choices about their health. When we’re not doing that, we’ve failed.

New companies are changing the way people think about their health and health care by increasing engagement, transparency and health and financial literacy of their consumers. Long-standing successes include Eliza while more recent successes include, and

EDU: Your upcoming Health 2.0 EDU course focuses on the future of health care consumerism. Keeping in mind that topic of discussion, how do you expect to see the Baby Boomer generation influence health care consumerism in the coming years?

AMJ: As the largest generation of Americans born in the U.S., baby boomers will continue to dramatically influence every industry, especially health care. The reality is this: Medicare, as it is today, cannot support the ongoing wave of Boomers, especially when millions of them are signing up for Medicare annually. As a result, Boomers will have to make hard decisions about their health-related dollars. I believe they will demand more cost and quality transparency the way they do in a retail experience. I also think they will rely more on fitness facilities, personal trainers, spas, and other medical alternatives to get the care they need.

EDU: What about 2014 will be different for consumers? A more competitive market? More engaged buyers?

AMJ: As health reform continues to roll out, one of the biggest changes for consumers will hit right on January 1, when having health insurance officially becomes law. This will continue to underscore the need for cost and quality transparency for consumers in health care. Consequently, we will see everything mentioned in the question: a more competitive market and more engaged health-care shoppers.

EDU: What are you most excited about for your upcoming course with Health 2.0 EDU?

AMJ: I’m excited to connect with people who have an interest in a topic that I am truly passionate about – something that has driven my career from the start. I also think it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to learn from each other.

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