“Health Care Costs and Consumerism” Recording Available

Jane Sarasohn-KahnOn December 6th, Health Economist, Jane Sarasohn Kahn joined Health 2.0 EDU to teach the course “Health Care Costs and Consumerism.” The class was educational and engaging and filled with actionable information about consumerism and the rise of Do It Yourself (DIY) health. The EDU course was recorded and is still available for purchase and viewing. You can access it here.

Jane launched the class by introducing the audience to how the health care environment has changed for consumers over the last 4 decades. She noted that now we have:

  • Complex out-of-Pocket Payments (HSA’s, HDHP’s)
  • The Internet
  • Social Networks for Health
  • Mobile Health
  • Increased partnering with Clinicians/Shared Decision Making
  • Growth of Participatory Medicine

With these changes, Jane noted that the patient has transitioned to be more empowered, and more engaged than ever. But Why? Learn what triggered the consumer profile change here.

Throughout the course, Jane utilized a number of studies to demonstrate that more and more, consumers want to be engaged in decision making regarding their health. DIY health care is a growing movement utilizing digital reminders, automated prescription filling, and peer reviewed physician transparency. There has been a jump in the the appetite for self-service, and Jane joined Health 2.0 EDU to examine how entrepreneurs and the market will respond to that leap towards engaged and educated health care consumers.

Since the EDU course students have continuously recommended Jane and her course. One student wrote, “This class was one of the best classes I have attended. The content addressed consumerism in a way that the payor community never has or most likely never will.” To continue learning about health care costs and consumerism you can watch a recording of Jane’s course here for $10.00 by using the code GLML5CFK. 

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