EDU Course Recording Available – Ann Mond Johnson

AnnMondJOhnsonIn the second course of Health 2.0 EDU‘s series “Consumerism in Health Care” Ann Mond Johnson, Chairman of ConnectedHealth, led an interactive session “The Future of Health Care Consumerism: A Look to 2014” mapping what makes health care consumerism more challenging to engage, and what consumer trends we can expect to come in 2014. The recording of her class is now available online and can be viewed here.

Ann’s course with Health 2.0 EDU began with the introduction to the 21st century consumer- a great shopper, knowledgeable and empowered enough to create their own value equations, and make price trade offs. This shopper, Ann argues was the product of services in the retail and airline sector, that made price and value transparent and easy to evaluate. Yet when it comes to the health care consumer, Ann points out, the landscape is different, inaccessible, hidden, and we as consumers are getting the short stick. Ann pointed out 5 issues that keep consumers from engaging in health care consumption like they do on services like Amazon, or Priceline. They are:

  • Not enough transparency
  • Financial (Dis)Incentives
  • All data and resources are siloed
  • Health Care consumers have historically been protected
  • Hard to Evaluate our Risks

Each of these issues, Ann argues, has contributed to an unengaged consumer and a growing PR problem. Ann cites that over 60% of consumers think the health care industry is wasteful, creating additional barriers for entrepreneurs and businesses to engage consumers on their health effectively.

Ann’s course has been reviewed as being a “Great Presentation” that “Pulled all the information together.” If you would like to continue learning about the key trends of health care consumerism, where Ann expects to see the markets move, and how your business model can succeed in the transforming consumerist landscape, apply the code P75UX6LV here to watch the recording for $10.00. Join us again on January 23rd at 11:00am for “Driving Consumerism Digitally” with Mad*Pow CEO, Amy Cueva.

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