A Look at IMS Health’s AppScript

In December of 2013, IMS Health launched an app prescribing platform called AppScript. The platform creates a streamlined experience for providers and health plans to intelligently prescribe health apps to consumers. Each app within the platform is assigned an IMS App Score, which is a proprietary ranking that includes elements of peer reviews, app endorsements, and other metrics that ultimately help providers understand the value of a given app as it relates to their patients.

Matthew Tindall, the Director for Consumer Solutions at IMS Health, took some time at HIMSS this past month to discuss the method behind the madness of an analytics company getting into the consumer space. IMS Health has been working in health care data and analytics for sixty years, and it is this capability they bring to bear on the AppScript platform. There are significant possibilities for looking at engagement and outcomes by using encrypted, de-identified data cohorts of sets of patients with or without a given app. All this information could then feed back into AppScript to further inform prescribing clinicians.

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