Four Questions Following the Digital Health Headlines Won’t Help You Answer

Investors continue to pour millions of dollars into digital health companies. Tons of virtual ink is being spilled on stories about the latest events in digital health like Apple’s phantom Healthbook application and whether health consumers and medical professionals will adopt Google Glass.

But what does all of this noise mean? Have the headlines actually told us anything about the future of digital health or are things more convoluted than ever? Experience has taught us that digital health headlines tend towards the confusing rather than enlightening.

Each day, we work with executives and organizations struggling to make sense of digital health.  Often they’re well-aware of the headlines and are not interested in just keeping up. Rather, they want access to insights and advice that will help them improve health, develop new products and services and make smart investments in this space.  They’re asking questions like:

  • What will success in the health wearables market truly look like?
  • How are data, technology and analytics combining to improve the consumer health experience?
  • What are the hidden health privacy threats associated with Big Data?
  • How are companies in the personal genomics space adapting to regulations that are limiting consumer access to health DNA testing?

Our clients aren’t the only ones asking these questions.  This is why we’ve put together a series of four high-impact online courses that begin in April.  By attending these sessions you’ll receive:

  • New insights from our original consumer, investor and company research
  • Answers to your burning questions about what digital health trends mean for you and your organization
  • Access to the course materials live and on-demand

If you’re ready to go beyond the headlines and learn about what’s really happening in digital health, enroll in these courses. Click here to learn more. You won’t want to miss a single session.

Fard Johnmar is a globally recognized Digital Health Futurist, Founder and President of the innovation consultancy, Enspektos, and co-author of ePatient 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care.

Kim Krueger is a Research Analyst at Health 2.0 and producer of Health 2.0′s Annual Report, which is used by executives from leading companies to understand how they can thrive in the fast-moving health technology landscape.

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