Health Catalyst CEO Dan Burton On Data Warehouses and What’s Next

In the new health care environment, providers are increasingly taking on risk. As they do so, it becomes critical to understand their cost structure in order to bend it down. Health Catalyst, a relatively new entrant in the health IT data world, helps providers do just that with their novel, late-binding data warehouse. Health Catalyst not only builds the warehouse, but also adds on a layer of analytics that can manipulate and analyze data in the warehouse in close to real time (some clients refresh the data every 15 minutes).

Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst, sat down with Matthew Holt last month to talk about how Health Catalyst is different, how they’re helping clients lower costs and improve care, and what the path to an IPO might look like. With close to $100 million in venture funding and clients that include Stanford and Texas Children’s Hospital to name a few, Health Catalyst is one to watch.

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