PCORI Matchmaking App Challenge has Launched!

Optimized-PcoriPCORI-funded projects are notorious for promoting work done through teams. These teams includes health researchers as well as patients and other stakeholders, and it is essential that these parts involve patients, caregivers, clinicians, policy makers, and other healthcare stakeholders to be maximal effective. However, the greater question is how can researchers and potential partners start connecting to create the ultimate team?

PCORI has decided to answer this question by launching PCORI Matchmaking App Challenge. This initiative seeks to create research partnerships that allow innovators to put their heads together and reach solutions. Developers are invited to make a full functioning, ready-to-publish app that has the capability to connect patients with researchers. This challenge is building on last years challenge that accepted concepts and prototype of tools to link potential research partners. Developers are encouraged to take the new challenge one step farther and connect potential researchers with patients and stakeholders.

The Initiative

We are seeking developers that create an app that brings together patients, stakeholders, or researchers, and move toward collaborative research. These apps must integrate with already established research networks, and preferably integrate social media and robust user profiles. The developer is also encouraged to include an advanced search option and customizable displays. And developers are required to work with actual patients and others to make the app that much more user-friendly.

The reviewers will include technology experts, PCORI staff members, and members of PCORI’s multi-stakeholder Advisory Panels, and they will consider how well each developer facilitates connections that allow equal access to people from different backgrounds and with varying health interests and research experience, as well as considering creativity and the past experience of the developers.

The rewards are substantial, with PCORI awarding first place with $100,000, second place with $35,000, and third place will take home $15,000.

How to Apply

To enter your team for the Challenge, please go to the Health 2.0 challenge website.

PCORI and Health 2.0 will host an hour-long informational webinar on Wednesday, April 30, at 1 p.m. (ET) to present the challenge goals and guidelines. We will describe the motivation behind and purpose of the Matchmaking App Challenge; explain the submission guidelines, judging criteria, and other conditions of the challenge; and answer questions from potential applicants. Registration for the webinar is now open. Questions and answers will be posted after the event.

Teams have until August 15, 2014, to submit their apps, and we will announce the winners on September 22, 2014. More information is available on the Health 2.0 website .

We believe that the wisdom of the crowd can provide inventive ways for technology to facilitate and encourage connections and authentic collaboration among patients and researchers. We hope that this challenge will motivate creative developers—and patients and other stakeholders—who have an interest in improving health and health care. We can’t wait to see your entries.

For questions, please email matchmaking@pcori.org .


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