Alere Connect: Making a difference through Connected Care

Alere Connect started as MedApps in 2006, as a remote monitoring system for patients with chronic diseases. In 2012, MedApps became a part of the Alere family as Alere Connect, specializing in rapid diagnostics to deliver streamlined connectivity across patients, providers, and electronic medical records.

Alere Connect’s remote health monitoring solutions are simple, flexible, and cost-effective, using connected device technology that can talk back to EMRs/EHRs, to increase patient engagement, improve outcomes, and reduce overall health care costs. Not only do these devices automatically feed patients’ health data into the Alere’s CloudCare platform, but its analytics backend is designed to alert caregivers in case of an anomaly in the readings. Thus, taking a step forward towards a preventive health care system.

At HIMSS 2014, Health 2.0 met with Kent Dicks, CEO of Alere Connect, to talk about his journey from MedApps to Alere. He walked us through the various connected care technologies currently being deployed to improve the health care experience.

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