A different kind of wearable tracker from Vital Connect

Vital Connect has taken a different route in the wearable health technology industry. As a general purpose wearable biosensor company, Vital Connect serves dual purpose of clinical remote monitoring as well as consumer health and wellness. Called the HealthPatch, this self adhesive monitoring strip reads biometric data, and transmits it to a mobile device or a cloud platform in real time. Doctors and clinicians can access this data and keep a track of patient’s health on a regular basis. This means that instead of going in to the hospital/clinic for a routine checkup, patients can be continually monitored from the comfort of their home, saving overall costs for both, patients as well as health care providers. The data has medical grade accuracy, and greatly reduces response time for providers by providing immediate access to critical health information.

Vital Connect was a part of the Qualcomm Life’s Ecosystem Pavilion at HIMSS 2014, where Justin Heindel, VP Business Development of Vital Connect, sat down with Health 2.0 to talk about how they are making remote patient monitoring efficient, cost-effective, and personable.

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