NYS Health Innovation Challenge: Healthy Communities via Healthy Connections

The NYS Health Innovation Challenge is an exciting opportunity for developers to change the way people view their health care options!  There is, of course, prize money for the best tech solution aimed at increasing the accessibility of health care information in New York.  The solutions must allow community members to easily find and interpret information on healthcare options, including data on quality, cost, and efficiency.  This should include examples and guidance so the information is easy to understand.

We live in this incredible new era where we have access to massive amounts of data.  Data is clearly the future of healthcare, but it is also an undeniable challenge to navigate in its undigested form.  The big question is how best to make all this data less of a maze and more of a presentation of healthcare options and related information so consumers can make informed decisions.  Employers will also benefit from better being able to understand the health care options that are available to their employees.

NYS is offering prizes totaling $20,000 for the best web/mobile/desktop solutions. Participants should use the data made available to them on Health Data NY, OPEN NY and other open data sites (such as Health Data.gov, Data.Medicare.gov, NYC OpenData).

Submissions are due at the end of July 24th.  More information is available at NYS Health Innovation Challenge.


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