HxRefactored Sneak Preview: Catherine Rose, Senior Manager, Healthcare Lighting Applications

CatherineRose-300x300Our next interview is of Catherine RoseCatherine (along with Derek) made the Lightaide, a teaching tool for children with low vision and those with cognitive disabilities.  Read on for this next HxR sneak peak.

What is your burning mission in health and why?

CR: I am passionate to make sure that our daughter’s care is not an exception; but rather it is a norm that parents have tools to support themselves. I’ve shared how to build a team to discuss with doctors, find a community for support and communicate frequently with our care team. I look forward to a world that consolidates silos to care for patients in their single body, cares for patients where they are, communicates compassionately and creates a future for Alexis’ health and well-being. Caregiver stress spikes from unplanned hospitalizations. My dream includes using innovative technology to allow more care to be delivered at home.

What is your patient story?

CR: As an empowered and engaged caregiver, I am Alexis’ voice, I’m her pattern recognizer, I’m her numbers gal. I have pulled on my strengths and give it my all to have her have a chance for life. The first words about Alexis were “Your daughter is going to die within the first month of her life. And if not then, she’s surely going to die within the first year.” I had already said goodbye to Alexis’ twin, Kaitlyn, who had died in utero at 29 weeks. I am empowered by using technology to invent new devices to support Alexis’ health and wellness. I am equipped by knowledge through researching references and interacting with other parent caregivers to improve Alexis’ and Jessica’s care.

What new health-related website, app, or technology do you think will improve health?

CR: We have the following success stories from parents using LightAide: “Olivia has never truly had a toy that she has been attracted to enough to remember to play with. When she came home from school the other day, the first thing that she did was run to the LightAide. Cognitively, this modality had such an impact on her that she remembered. Wow, I have no words. I possibly just witnessed a miracle!” -Anna, Olivia’s mom “Aly loved the LightAide immediately! She was very drawn to the light and movement. The switches helped with her purposeful movement by utilizing cause and effect. Using the LightAide has been an eye opener for me. I have seen the LIGHT. Lights are the key to unlocking my daughter’s learning potential.” -Brittany, Aly’s mom

Why should people come to your session?

CR: LightAide might have been an idea from a mom, but the journey to bring LightAide to market inspired a team, which in turn has inspired a company. LightAide is highlighted as one of the products in the Innovation+You. Attendees will get to learn first hand how a little product with big potential is helping kids throughout the world.

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