HxRefactored Sneak Preview: Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir, Senior Experience Designer, Mad*Pow

MaggaDoraOur second HxRefactored Conference sneak preview is an interview of Mad*Pow’s Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir.  She uses a combination of psychology and CS to build the ultimate user experience.

What is your burning mission in health and why?

MDR: Making it easier. In a crisis, as a health problem can be, there is no energy left to deal with bad technology. It should aid the patient, provide relief, make it easier.

What is your patient story?

MDR: I remember walking around my hometown Reykjavik with my pregnancy report (soon to be birth report) in my bag thinking, why am I delivering this to the delivery room? What if I forget to bring it and they will not have the information in there that may be vital for a successful delivery for mother and baby? I brought it with me but during the delivery I would still have time to baffle over the midwife filling it in with a bic pen.

What new health-related website, app, or technology do you think will improve health?

MDR: I think middle ware like HIWAY that allow give a comprehensive view of the patient but not a siloed view dependent on the patient to supply information are going to pivot us into a new era in health.

Why should people come to your session?

MDR: Designers or developers that want to create good software, that want to understand that their work isn’t don’t until the users can use it. Some may have struggled with this in the past, some may think they are done when they deliver/compile/launch. I want to talk to them about taking it all the way.

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