HxRefactored Sneak Preview: David Sobel, Medical Director, Patient Education and Health Promotion, Kaiser Permanente

DavidSobel1-300x300David Sobel is passionate about health and patient education.  At the HxRefactored Conference he’ll be talking about the importance of both happiness and healthy intervention.

What is your burning mission in health and why?

DS: To engage patients as partners in health by understanding and applying: 1. Patients are the true primary care providers 2. Healthy minds help healthy bodies 3. Everything that feels good is not bad

What is your patient story?

DS: I worked with a patient for over 5 years on managing his diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight– all pretty much without success. I assumed he was “unmotivated.” One day I asked him “What do you really enjoy?” His face brightened as he replied, “Trout fishing!” I realized that for most of my patients I did not understand what they really enjoy, what they live for, what helps them thrive. I have found this an essential “vital sign”- often as important at lab results, blood pressure, and other medical measures.

What new health-related website, app, or technology do you think will improve health?

DS: I think the most important thing is not the app or technology but rather how to design based on understanding and testing the science of behavior and integrating that into care to solve problems, make life simpler, and make lives better.

Why should people come to your session?

DS: If you believe that patients are unmotivated, but want to better understand what does motivate people and how you can build that into design and care, please join me.

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