HxRefactored Sneak Preview: Shahid Shah, Chairman, HealthIMPACT

ShahidShah1-300x300Next in the HxRefactored Conference preview series is Shahid Shah.  Shahid has co-founded/led Netspective.com, Physia.com, PrescribeWell.com, Ryohee.com, InfluentialNetworks.com, HealthcareGuy.com, HITSphere.com, and simplifyMD.com just in the past few years!  At HxR, he’ll be talking about his entrepreneurial experience.

What is your burning mission in health and why?

SS: Bringing sanity and reality back into health IT through practical, transparent, and modern architecture & engineering techniques.

What is your patient story?

SS: I don’t have one.

What new health-related website, app, or technology do you think will improve health?

SS:Any kind of data oriented company that crosses the nexus of health IT, pharma IT, bio IT, and med tech.

Why should people come to your session?

SS: Because I’ll show practical techniques to connect to legacy EHRs and enterprise IT systems.

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