Elevating Community Health with Innovation and Engagement

The Health 2.0 movement strives to inspire innovative action in digital health, aiming to improve health at the individual, community, population, and global level. Our work as a company will continue to contribute to the growing determination and dialog on April 3rd at Health 2.0’s second annual Healthy Communities Data Summit on the UCLA campus.

In working with the Calfornia Health Care Foundation, California Wellness Foundation, and the Lucille Packard Foundation, Health 2.0 expects a perserverant group of speakers, demoers, and leaders to identify the community health needs in California, and to jumpstart the ways in which we can all work to fix them.

Last year, Healthy Communities Data Summit sparked conversation around using data to identify, display, and examine the prominence of food deserts, childrens obesity in specific counties, infection rates in specific cities and hospitals, environmental health hazards, and much more. This year we are building off the impressive tools we saw last year to see how far we’ve come over the year, and where we need to go as a movement to elevate the health of our state.

The second annual Healthy Communities Data Summit inspired productive conversation and data discussion, demonstrating new data sets and resources focused on understanding underserved populations, childrens health networks, and larger patient population profiles. This year, we are reevaluating our biggest questions in regards to community health and data analytics to inspire wider change in Los Angeles, California and the larger West Coast.

This year, we’ve confirmed a incredible cast of speakers to examine how new datasets are exposing new opportunities for community health projects, the capacity of foundations to support change, and the creative ways in which data can be visualized.

Data is increasingly showing us that much of a population’s health status is determined by larger socio-economic contributors – income, environment, education. At Healthy Communities Data Summit, technology innovators, policy makers, government officials, and students join together to use data to improve healthier conditions in our Californian communities.


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