HxRefactored Sneak Preview: Jeff Jenkins, Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer, APX Labs

JeffJenkins1-300x300Next in our HxRefactored Conference preview series, have Jeff JenkinsJeff is working on smart glasses for both the health and military industries.

What is your burning mission in health and why?

JJ: To improve the quality of patient care using smart glasses technology. As a company, we’re focused heavily on what we call “desk-less” workers. Those individuals who perform work (typically knowledge-based) with their hands who can be more efficient when they have access to data without having to take their hands or attention away from the task at hand. Healthcare professionals are perfect examples of this type of worker and as such are a perfect candidate to realize the power of smart glasses.

What new health-related website, app, or technology do you think will improve health?

JJ:Smart glasses technology enables healthcare professionals to have hands-free access to electronic medical records, provides the ability to extend expertise throughout an organization by providing valuable “see what I see” collaboration amongst physicians and nurses, and can provide healthcare professionals with ever-present real-time sensor and diagnostic information directly in their line of sight.

Why should people come to your session?

JJ: Any healthcare professional interested in learning about the capabilities of smart glasses in healthcare and the challenges associated with realizing them. Software companies currently developing healthcare solutions may also be interested in learning about the technology and how their own software might be able to leverage it to improve the quality of patient care.

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