Bigger Prizes for NYS Health Innovation Challenge


The New York State  Department of Health bets big on their open data challenge to foster innovation in healthcare. This challenge is a call to developers nationwide to create technology-driven solutions that allows consumer to compare costs, quality and availability of services at New York State inpatient hospital facilities. We are excited to announce additional prizes for the challenge!

First prize winners will now receive $30K, with $10K and $3K going to second and third prize winners respectively.

Thanks to a new partnership with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation(RWJF) greater prizes are being offered for the best solutions that empower consumers to make better, more informed healthcare decisions. RWJF has been supporting projects to improve public health for over 40 years. Determining the value of healthcare services is often obscured by complicated data sets and platforms that are not user-friendly. This partnership exemplifies the commitment and belief that healthcare can be improved through the use of open data and technological innovation.

The deadline for submissions is July 24, 2014, check out the full challenge details for more information on how to apply.

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