NYS Health Commissioner , Dr. Nirav Shah Calls for Developers to Use Open Data and Improve Healthcare Decision Making

New York State is buzzing about open data. The Open NY Initiative, championed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, is an effort to make government more open, more innovative and more cost effective. Building on the energy of this movement The New York State Department of Health is launching the Health Innovation Challenge and asking developers to create user-friendly technology-driven solutions that allows consumers to compare cost, quality and availability of services in New York State hospital facilities.

This is an effort to empower consumers and give them tools to make better, more informed decisions. Health Commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah explains “as savvy consumers we want to get the most value for our money, as consumers of health care we deserve to have a competitive marketplace, having this kind of health data at our fingertips will allow us to apply the same standards to healthcare that we use for other big purchases”. View the full video below to learn more.

This challenge is open to developers nation-wide and is accepting submissions until July 24, 2014. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three best solutions. Visit NYS Health Innovation to get full details on the challenge.

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