NYC’s a (Healthcare) Tech Giant

The NY Times article critiquing the state of tech in NYC made some interesting points, but we’re going to have to agree with the AM New York assessment: “NYC’s A Tech Giant”….for health tech anyway. New York City is bursting to the brim with healthcare tech.  There are big names and smaller names, but everyone’s innovating to meet the challenge that is modern day healthcare.

Fun fact you might not know: WebMD’s headquarters is in NYC. WebMD, the internet’s favorite source of diagnostic info gets 16.7 million unique visits a month, according to Quantcast. Google Ventures just invested $130 million in Flatiron Health Inc, which is a medical software company focused on cancer-related data.  ZocDoc, an online appointment scheduler for patients and doctors, is also based in NYC. According to Business Insider, ZocDoc turned down a buy-out offer of $300 million by Aetna. Just a few days ago, Intel and Dell came to NYC to hear pitches from healthcare IT companies they might be interested in partnering with. It was one of three cities (Austin and SanFran being the other two) that were visited for this competition. New York City has become a hotbed for healthcare innovation.

There is a huge spread of healthcare tech activity in NYC that serve all sorts of purposes. For example, the city has its own accelerator, New York Digital Health Accelerator, which helps put selected innovators in touch with mentors and investors. NYeC is on a mission to help use NY healthcare data to improve people’s ability to understand their healthcare options. Our very own home in NY, Blueprint Health, is host to an ever-changing suite of healthcare innovators.

Anyone interested in surveying the NYC healthcare tech scene should join us for our conference, HxRefactored.The speakers are all accomplished in healthcare tech, and the attendees are inspired and eager to learn and make connections. If you’ve ever been curious about NYC’s booming healthcare tech, don’t miss out!


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