Why You Should Probably Host a Code-A-Thon and Why You Definitely Need Our Help

Lisa Evans of Fast Company wrote an article last week about why companies should start hosting more hack-a-thons, or as we like to call them, code-a-thons. Citing the examples of Paypal & Mixbook, code-a-thons are an awesome way to spur innovations for your company and meet new developers that you might want to potentially recruit for your company.

You’re probably thinking “Great! I want my company to host a code-a-thon next week. How hard can it be?” Slow down there. Code-a-thons can be great for a company when done right. You don’t want to just host a 24 hour pizza and caffeine computer party. You want a mentally stimulating and productive code-a-thon – that might also has pizza or maybe something organic & healthy to fuel the brain.

We at Health 2.0 have literally made code-a-thons our business, having done over 80 innovation challenges and code-a-thons, and are experts in making them successful. Its very easy to fall into the trap of “hacker fatigue”, where code-a-thons don’t go as expected and turn sour. We help companies facilitate code-a-thons that deliver real results that impact healthcare and avoid fatigue.

All you have to do is come up with a concept or a health or healthcare related problem that you want solved, and we work to outline your strategic goals, promote to our expansive network, recruit judges and ultimately execute a fun code-a-thon that yields promising technological products and solutions. Easy, right?


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