Palo Alto Medical Foundation Debuts New Challenge on Supporting Aging Communities

IMG_1576HxRefactored 2014 not only featured presentations from talented professionals in the healthcare innovation space but also served as a call to action to build innovative solutions for today’s healthcare challenges. Health 2.0 Co-Chairman, Matthew Holt, announced to a full audience of developers and designers, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) linkAges Developer Challenge, which asks developers to build a technologically based solution that uses data from the linkAges system to strengthen and enhance aging communities.

Isolated seniors are more likely to experience a lower quality of life that can negatively impact their health. The linkAges system is a community-based network designed to engage and activate existing resources within communities to improve the health and wellbeing of seniors and family caregivers. The best solutions will creatively present data and from the linkAges system and connect users in a manner that is engaging and accessible.

As a meeting place for designers and developers, HxR attendees can find in this challenge a perfect opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and create solutions that can drive meaningful outcomes. This challenge will launch on June 11th at the Healthy Communities Data Summit in Los Angeles, CA. Sign up to express your interest in participating.

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