Breaking: Consumer and Professional Worlds Continue to Collide

Last year at the 7th Annual Fall Conference, a major theme was the merging of the consumer-facing and professional-facing worlds of Health 2.0. Tools and technologies that traditionally lived in one realm or the other are coming together in new ways to both connect the two worlds and provide unique services to each group.

This theme has continued into 2014 and coming this week, we’ll hear more news confirming the trend we illustrated last September with the following chart — the professional facing world of Health 2.0, with its various segments represented in blue circles, colliding with the consumer facing side, segmented here into eleven different bubbles.


Keep an eye on Health 2.0 News later this week to learn more about the continued merging of the consumer and professional facing worlds of Health 2.0, and what that means for digital health as a whole.

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