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Verizon launched Verizon Virtual Visits, which connects patients remotely to a clinician for colds, flus, sore throats or other simple, acute conditions. Users complete and send intake forms to providers and can then “see” a doctor via video on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Adidas may be launching a new activity tracker to its product line, a wristworn wearable called the miCoach Fit Smart. In a trademark filing Adidas posted, the company explains the Fit Smart will track “heart rates, calories burned, time, duration, stride rate, pace, speed, distance and steps taken”.

A slew of funding deals were announced this week with Truveris netting $13 million, CoPatient raising $3.6 million, CareCloud raising a $25.5 million venture debt round, and new continuous heart rate monitoring wrist band Whoop closing $6 million in funding.

Philips will deploy clinical applications in a cloud environment that’s centered around patient relationship management. Two care collaboration platforms for monitoring chronic condition patients at home will be launched this summer, and Philips says future offerings will incorporate information from EMRs, medical devices, home monitoring, and wearables.

Microsoft will launch a new Israel-based accelerator in partnership with medical technology company Becton Dickinson (BD) that will be focused entirely on health startups. Microsoft expects this to be a one-off, health-focused class of startups and it doesn’t plan to host another health-focused accelerator program again.

NeedMe is a new health care social network for patients. It connects newly diagnosed patients to successful past patients who have had the same conditions, tests, treatments, and procedures at the same locations. All information is provided anonymously.

InvisAlert Solutions developed a HIPAA compliant digital clipboard that uses audio and visual cues to help medical staff monitor psychiatric inpatients every 15 minutes. These checks will not be recorded unless the staff observer and consumer are within close, line-of-sight proximity which is adjustable from 1-20 feet.

PointClickCare, a provider of cloud-based software for the senior care industry, implemented VASCO Data Security‘s DIGIPASS GO 6 one-button authenticators to enable health care practitioners to conduct secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile conversations, and approve and sign patient orders.

A study by Aetna and GNS Healthcare (published in the American Journal of Managed Care), found that analysis of patient records using analytics can predict future risk of metabolic syndrome. The accuracy and short speed to insight of this study allowed Aetna to develop targeted cost-effective care management programs for individuals with or at risk for metabolic syndrome.

Google launched GoogleFit, an open platform for digital health app and device developers that will allow users to control their fitness data more effectively. Google Fit provides developers with a single set of APIs so that different apps and devices can talk to each other freely and give users more context around their various fitness metrics.

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