Pilot Health Tech NYC 2014 Winners Announced!

Health 2.0 congratulates the winners of Pilot Health Tech NYC 2014 announced at today’s Pilot Day in New York City. We had a competitive pool of 65 applicants and have chosen 11 winners to receive a total of $1,000,000 in funding for their pilot proposals.

Pilot Health Tech NYC, which is now in its second year, is an initiative of NYCEDC to match early-stage health care technology companies with key NYC health care service organizations, including hospitals, physician clinics, payors, pharma companies, nursing associations, major employers and retailers.

The 11 winners are:

Smart Vision Labs / SUNY College of Optometry
Smart Vision Labs and the SUNY College of Optometry in New York City are conducting a pilot to validate the portable wavefront aberrometer, optimize the product design, and improve user experience. The outcome of the study will be used to evaluate the accuracy and repeatability of low order refractive error (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) measurements.

GeriJoy / Pace University
GeriJoy and Pace University are leveraging the relationship between older adult patients and the GeriJoy Companion to provide health coaching and clinical insight for the top 3 preventable readmission risks for hospitals. The Pilot will evaluate the efficacy of the GeriJoy Companion in reducing hospital readmissions as well as usability for patients who suffer from co-morbid cognitive and behavioral issues, a particularly high-risk population.

QoL Devices, Inc. / Montefiore Medical Center
QoL Devices and Montefiore will pilot Alv.io, an advanced, mobile-connected respiratory training and monitoring device, which uses interactive games to increase lung function testing in children to improve asthma management. The device will be piloted in 100 children with asthma who seek care in a Bronx Federally Qualified Health Center to improve the quality of their asthma care and reduce costs.

Hindsait, Inc. / NY Blood Center
The NY Blood Center will work with Hindsait to pilot the innovator’s predictive analytics software to predict and classify the behavioral traits of prospective donors. Hindsait’s pattern recognition algorithms and predictive analytics will compute and assign a unique ‘donation probability’ score for each potential donor that will trigger automated ‘score-sensitive’ personalized motivational messaging to the prospective donor.

Nonnatech / ElderServe
The pilot will focus on the early detection and intervention of physiological changes that may prevent hospitalizations. By using Nonnatech’s system of smart sensor technologies the pilot will generate data that shows changes in behavior or lack of behaviors that would signal physiological changes.

The Fit4D solution delivers patient-specific preferred modalities (e.g. phone, email, text, web etc.), addresses patient-specific issues and shares content in patient-specific preferred formats (e.g. articles, videos, webinars, support groups). Through this pilot with HealthFirst, Fit4D will be able to measure the effect of these interventions on diabetes patients in the HealthFirst network by comparing patients with poorly managed diabetes with a control group.

AllazoHealth / Accountable Care Coalition of Greater New York
ACCGNY will implement a medication adherence program powered by AllazoEngine’s predictive analytics. This pilot will focus on ACCGNY’s 6,353 attributed beneficiaries, 63% of whom are intellectually/developmentally disabled (IDD). The pilot will evaluate the accuracy of the predictions, the impact of interventions and the savings associated with adherence.

Canopy Apps / Visiting Nurse Service of New York
The pilot will examine the impact of the Canopy Medical Translator app to improve patient-provider communication, improve workflow and satisfaction for providers, and reduce staffing inefficiencies for VNSNY. The Canopy Medical Translator application, which enables providers to access a library of pre-translated medical phrases in 15 languages, will be deployed to VNSNY nurses and physical therapists to help them communicate with non-English speaking patients.

Urgent Software, LLC / Mount Sinai Health System
Urgent Software will work with Mt. Sinai Health System’s Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) cardiologists and their out-of-network referring physicians. The platform will be used to allow local physicians to search for a nearby CVI physician who accepts the patient’s insurance, schedule an appointment that’s most convenient for the patient, share medical information independent of EMRs and register the patient, collecting demographic and insurance information.

Healthify / VillageCare
VillageCare’s Health Home will utilize the Healthify platform to screen patients for their needs, connect them to the appropriate resources for treatment and engage them through text messages. In addition, the case managers will utilize the Healthify resource database to rate and review different community and government resources so service quality can be considered.

Tactonic Technologies / NYU Langone, Rusk Rehab Center
Tactonic pressure imaging sensors and software enables objective gait and balance measurements that can enhance the sensitivity and specificity of the Timed Up and Go Test (TUGT), which measures a patient’s ability to walk and balance. By partnering with NYU’s Rusk Rehab Center, Tactonic will be able to improve the TUGT diagnostic yield by making it more objective and, improving the sensitivity and specificity of the tool by obtaining additional rich data.

Health 2.0 is excited to see the results of this year’s Pilot Health Tech initiative and we’re looking forward to the success of the winners’ pilots!

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