Prime: Take your health data with you

Imagine being on a vacation, and suddenly your chronic condition worsens. You go see a doctor immediately, but the doctor needs your previous medical records to conduct a proper diagnosis. You were on a holiday, so you didn’t bring those documents along. And now, you are stuck in an unknown city, waiting for you doctor back home to send over those records. If only there was an easier way to have access to your medical history without needing to carry bundles of paper.

Prime has the solution to this problem. It is a free, HIPAA-compliant mobile application that allows people to take their health records with them wherever they go. Users can aggregate their health information taken from different sources like health care providers, insurance companies, pharmacies, etc. and view it on a single dashboard.

Prime partners with health care providers to gain access to the patient records, and can connect users with this information in under 60 seconds. Users can get prescription updates, order medication refills, view lab results, etc. from within the application. It also allows the users to create their own social network where they can select and exchange health information with friends and family.

Debuting with the Inaugural Class of the Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars earlier this year, Prime users have already imported more than 100,000 health records, and the number is growing every day. Prime is available for download in the iTunes store.
CEO Tyler Hayes visited our San Francisco office recently to talk about his product. Following is an excerpt from the interview:

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