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HealthTap announced HealthTap Prime, a subscription-based, end-to-end virtual care service that’s available to anyone, anytime, via smartphone, tablet or wearable smartwartch.

The NFL will install real-time location systems in 17 of its stadiums this year in partnership with Zebra Technologies. Receivers, placed in players’ shoulder pads, will work in tandem with radio frequency identification transmitters to turn player movement into meaningful measurements. The league hopes tracking will enhance the fan experience and allow teams to learn more about their players from a competitive standpoint.

EyeNetra secured $4 million in venture capital funding. EyeNetra developed eye testing technology that enables quality eye tests anywhere. EyeNetra has raised at least $7 million in financing since 2012.

Johns Hopkins Medicine (MD) and Kaiser Permanente announced a collaboration in which they will share EHR best practices, develop technology to deliver personalized medicine, and create better and cheaper care models.

Austrian fitness company Runtastic launched a new $119.99 wearable activity tracker, the Runtastic Orbit. The company aims to differentiate itself from the crowded activity tracker market by closely integrating the device with Runtastic’s existing ecosystem of fitness apps, and also by targeting the European market.

LabStyle Innovations released the Dario Diabetes Management App for Android smartphone users. The application lets people with diabetes track their blood sugars, food, insulin, and activity levels. It will be available for soft launch in select markets, including the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

According to a new study by Sigma Research, nearly 73% of clinical psychologists believe that a mental health technology app would be useful for tracking client progress, 59% feel that it is useful for treatment planning, and 68% felt that integrating additional data from apps for mental health tracking into therapy practices would help clinicians advance their profession. launched the beta mobile version of BigTent, an online community platform for families in the United States. BigTent gives parents an easy way to connect locally on matters that affect their family, schools and communities through forums, events, and more. acquired BigTent in 2013.

The Lempert Report Innovation Series featured a hand-held molecular sensor called SCiO that can read the chemical make-up of objects and transmit the information to a user’s smartphone instantly. It can provide nutritional information, authenticate medications or supplements, and determine ideal harvesting time for crops.

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