The Old World & The New Empire of Enterprise Health IT

Last year at the Fall Conference and more recently when Physicians Interactive acquired MedHelp, we used a series of shape shifting bubbles to illustrate the changing landscape of Health 2.0. Especially now, when so much money (yes – more!) is going to so many different types of company, these bubbles can provide the context to make sense of the funding deals. But no one wants to stare at a bubble chart for too long. Trust us, we know.

So, we dug into the archives, pulled out a map of digital health we initially debuted in 2011, and revamped it for the present day:


If you’ve been to the conference, read the blog, or follow the tweet stream, you know that the way we define Health 2.0 drives our whole worldview (get it?). For us, the cloud-based, user-friendly, data-driven tools that make up Health 2.0 fall into four main categories: consumer facing, professional facing, patient-provider communication, and data, analytics, and exchange. From there, we further define Health 2.0 with nineteen distinct sub-segments. These categories and segments are the driving force behind our map, and are the key to understanding how this world works and what all the money means.

This year, at the 8th Annual Fall Conference, we’re building out more than 50 sessions with around 200 live demos all grouped and arranged according to our map of the Health 2.0 world. Every company’s placement at Health 2.0, whether in a breakout session or on a mainstage panel, represents a deliberate choice and follows our defined categories and segments. Even the names of each breakout session are seriously considered to make sure our message is clear and we stick to our original thinking on the groupings that define Health 2.0.

It’s not easy to put the messy world of digital health into neat, clear cut boxes. More than ever, we’re seeing products that connect the dots across multiple use cases and user groups. However, by putting a map down on paper and by seeing companies demo back-to-back onstage at Health 2.0, we get a better idea of the spectrum of solutions and where everyone is headed.

So come join us this September 21-24th in Santa Clara, and explore our world. Welcome to Health 2.0.

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