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A radiologist and clinical owner developed CannaScan, a real-time, cloud-based validation system that allows Massachusetts police departments to verify that people found with marijuana have been issued a valid prescription. CannaScan claims it allows the “Good Guys to Weed Out the Bad,” and that the software allows better care coordination and real-time patient management since it supports videoconferencing, scheduling, and notifications. The founder calls it “A Clinic in the Clouds.” Why is this not in San Francisco yet?

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center will be using Tonic Health’s iPad app to collect registration data, screen patients, and monitor general health over time. We’ve had Tonic onstage at Health 2.0 several times as they’re a prime example of what Health 2.0 is all about: beautiful, intuitive design, data-driven (check out their backend!), and cloud-based (real time updates come standard, folks).

Vibrado Technologies, a small company that designed a sleeve that goes around your arm to help you shoot free throws correctly and more accurately, raised $1.4 million of a $1.5 million venture round. Yes, there’s an app to store and analyze shot performance, and yes (we think) the sensors can be adapted for other motions like golf and tennis swings, but no, we can’t figure out why our sensor that tells us when we’re running low on coffee hasn’t been funded yet. Hmmm.

Health kiosk companies Higi and Stayhealthy have merged. Stayhealthy had major deals to put kiosks in Kroger, Supervalus, and Albertson’s, while higi has rolled out in 2,000 stores including Whole Foods, CVS, and Rite Aid. Apparently, Stayhealthy brings accuracy of clinical measurements, while higi brings an engaging, rewards-based experience to the table. Our local Safeway has a SoloHealth kiosk, but we may just have to do a walking kiosk tour and report back.

PointRight Inc., a provider of analytics solutions for health care industry, announced that its PointRight Pro 30 rehospitalizations metric is being used by over 9,000 skilled nursing facilities in the United States. The metric gives observed and case-mix adjusted rehospitalization rates for both Medicare and all-payer groups, and compares these with national benchmarks. It is validated by Brown University, and was adopted by the American Health Care Association into its TrendTracker product in 2013.

MEDITECH Solutions Group, a provider of IT solutions for health care providers, added DataMotion Direct secure messaging to its portfolio of services. DataMotion Direct enables health care providers and organizations to exchange health information securely in full compliance HIPAA and the HITECH Act, and has already successfully enabled many MEDITECH customers to attest for MU2 and qualify for financial incentives from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

RxREVU, a medication cost/quality prescription optimization solutions platform, raised additional funding bringing the total amount raised to $1M. Key investors include Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg, co-founders of Flatiron Health, Vivek Garipalli, co-founder of CarePoint Health, Arnold Schaeffer, founder of Spring Valley Capital, and Galvanize Ventures. RxREVU is a member of the StartUp Health Academy Class of 2014.

TRICAST, a pharmacy data analytics company, launched Reveal 2.0, a web-based software tool to monitor pricing, process, and formulary and rebate adherence. It also includes a full suite of CMS oversight products such as automated reject analysis, comparisons of source to PDE claims, and all other CMS oversight requirements. The release of Reveal also marks TRICAST’s entry into the software as a service (SaaS) market space.

OneDX is a fully-customizable mobile medical imaging management solution. Available to both patients and physicians, it allows images from PACS and VNA platforms to be viewed and shared from a computer or any mobile device. OneDX is the latest addition to the Universal Health Exchange concept that places patient images and EHR at the fingertips of physicians and patients enabling better patient outcomes.

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