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MobiHealthNews broke the news that Aetna will be phasing out the CarePass platform by the end of the year. We’ve had CarePass on stage at Health 2.0 several times, and while Aetna focused their comments on the “valuable lessons learned” from the “exploratory” platform, it’s never great to see a leader stumble.

Meedoc, a Finnish video conferenced startup that has registered as a CE-certified Medical Device telemedicine platform, closed $1.5 million in seed funding. There’s a lot of activity around remote primary care in the US, so it’s interesting to see the trend hop across the pond. As with some players here, Meedoc is going after employers.

New startup alert: Enlitic, which will use deep learning algorithms to diagnose medical conditions. Data scientist founder Jeremy Howard says the company’s approach is different from that of IBM, which tries to teach Watson by feeding it textbooks that contain information that doctors already know vs. giving the computer raw data and letting it figure out the patterns that represent new knowledge. Let the war of the machines begin.

Todd Park will step down as US CTO, but remain a White House employee, moving back to the Silicon Valley to focus on recruiting top tech talent to the federal government among other projects. Congratulations on your service, Todd, welcome back to the Bay Area, and we look forward to meeting the next CTO.

Array Health, a Seattle-based provider of technology for private health insurance exchanges, raised $9 million. The company uses a cloud-based platform that lets health plans develop their own private online exchange, while also providing employers custom benefits control. Given the huge issues with, we imagine private exchanges may be a growing trend. Accenture agrees.

More than 18M American adults suffer from sleep apnea, yet there is a considerable lack of information about it. Easy Blog from Easy Breath is targeting this space with articles on symptoms, treatment, research news, and new product launches. The blog has already reached 4.5M unique views. Easy Breathe sells complete line of sleep apnea equipment from major manufacturers, and offers free insurance benefit reviews for customers.

ConnectedHealth, an online benefits marketplace, was selected by RE/MAX LLC to provide RE/MAX affiliates with a marketplace to shop for and purchase individual health coverage from both public and private exchanges, and receive access to ancillary and voluntary benefits. The platform is available for people who need short-term coverage or who are eligible for a special enrollment before the November 15 start of the nationwide Open Enrollment period.

Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS Company, launched Virtual Care Team, a flexible, rapidly deployable, and massively scalable population health management suite applications. This is the first patient-centric mobile personal health record that combines telehealth, remote patient monitoring, medication management, clinical decision support system, and semantic interoperability engine solutions within a single platform.

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