Health 2.0 & AARP: Interactive@50+ Event!

From what we eat, to how we exercise, to the way we chose to prevent and treat diseases, health is undergoing a major revolution.

No longer is health confined to the doctor’s office; it is being defined by the choices we make every day. Whether for ourselves or the ones we care for, there is a variety of new technologies from smart-phone applications to wearable sensors, and educational websites that empower you, the consumer, to be more proactive in managing and improving your wellness and overall health.

To help you discover some of the innovations out in the market, we are hosting Health Interactive@50+, a fun and immersive exploration of game-changing health technologies.

Join us on Thursday September 4th from 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. to learn and experience some of these cutting edge products and services in health and wellness. Health Interactive@50+ will feature a mix of engaging conversations with leading innovators in health, live product demonstrations and educational workshops that will equip you with the latest information and tools to lead a healthier life.

Topics include:

● How innovation is changing health and fitness. A panel featuring technologies that are changing our perception of our bodies and redefining the way we exercise.

● The Future of Food – How innovations in technology and food science are helping us make smarter choices and understand what eating healthy really means.

● Chronic Condition Management – From managing diabetes to obesity to hypertension, learn how smart monitoring technologies can ease the burden of complex care management for oneself or loved one.

We look forward to seeing all health-curious members who want an advanced look and want to contribute to the conversation around technologies and products that are transforming health. Register online here!

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