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Truveris, a SaaS pharmacy benefits pricing and analytics company, launched RxDash, an enterprise platform for pharmacy plan repricing, modeling and reporting. It will enable pharmacy benefit managers, health insurers, consulting companies, and plan administrators to view price impact of proposed benefits and price changes in real time. Truveris recently raised $12.8M in Series C funding, bringing its total funding to date to $26.6M.

What would you do if you gain Superman’s X-ray vision? Discounting adolescent fantasies, this superpower has possibilities ranging from reading levels of toxicity in oceans to studying biological structures that lead to new medicines. Mark Riccio, director of Cornell University’s CT imaging facility, launched a Kickstarter campaign to make this non-invasive imaging technology freely accessible to world. Looks like demand for capes is going to go through the roof!

eRelevance Corporation, a health IT services company, completed integration with Nextech, an electronic medical records solution for plastic surgery and dermatology practices. eRelevance helps providers increase revenue by automatically engaging patients outside of the point-of-care, activate inactive patients, detect health problems/challenges with patients and drive them back in for care when needed, and find patients that are candidates for higher margin services. eRelevance will soon be integrating with other popular EMRs and practice management solutions.

O2 Media, a full-service broadcast media production company, is launching Access Health, a new magazine style health and wellness series hosted by Ereka Vetrini. It will bring focus to important fitness, medical, and nutrition topics including women’s and children’s health, healthy eating, new technologies in health care, and latest medical practices. The series is scheduled to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2014 on the Lifetime channel.

Nightingale, a provider of cloud-based electronic health record and practice management solutions to health care organizations across the United States and Canada, received a commitment letter from Beedie Capital Partners for a $3.5M investment in the form of a secured term loan, expected to close in September 2014, bearing an interest rate of 12%, and will mature in Dec, 2016. Proceeds will be used for the launch of its new product Nexia, to redeem the outstanding Series B Convertible Debentures in the principal amount of $410,000, and to retire the $1.5M bridge financing advanced earlier this month.

Magellan Health will now offer Welltok’s CafeWell Health Optimization Platform within Magellan’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Welltok’s platform takes what we’re calling a marketplace approach to wellness, helping employees organize all the programs, apps, communities, and devices they use to manage health daily. It’s a growing trend that will be on display this fall where Welltok and other marketplaces, like Jiff, will take the stage at Health 2.0.

AirStrip raised $25 million in funding led by new investor the Gary and Mary West Health Investment Fund, Sequoia Capital and Wellcome Trust. AirStrip was on stage at Health 2.0 last year and is one of those crucial provider-facing tools that help create workflow flexibility, expedite care, and improve quality with access to historical data and colleagues for consultation. AirStrip is also just downright cool technology, allowing physicians to remotely view live ECGs.

Tennis ball boys at the US Open will wear Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech Smart Shirt, created in partnership with last year’s Health 2.0 Launch! Winner OmSignal. Having that iconic polo logo on OmSignal’s smart shirt is a big sign of the mainstream adoption of wearable tech and tracking. We just want to know why we weren’t tapped for ball kid. Advantage, OmSignal.

The Department of Defense issued an RFP for its $11 billion EHR replacement. The government actually requires that a significant chunk of the bid be awarded to companies owned by women, minorities, and veterans, which means a lot of companies beyond the winning primary contractor and EHR vendor will earn business. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Hello, a startup designing a passive sleep tracking device, closed a $10.5 million funding round contributed entirely by angel investors. Hello’s system includes a small sensor called the Sleep Pill that resides in a pouch in the users pillow, a base station that sits on a nightstand, and a smartphone app that stores data. Hello founder James Proud is 23 and was a Thiel Fellow, one of 20 teenagers paid to skip college and pursue entrepreneurship or other projects. Well James, so far so good.

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