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Propeller Health raised $14.5 million in Series B financing, led by Safeguard Scientifics with participation from Series A investor The Social+Capital Partnership. Propeller also hired Practice Fusion’s Chris Hogg as its first COO, and he’ll head up the company’s new San Francisco office. Propeller is doing some very cool work with sensors, inhaled medications, and data, but we’re still bummed they ditched the name Asthmapolis.

CVS Caremark changed its corporate name to CVS Health. The company says the move reflects its broader health care commitment, which is something we’ve seen over the past year as CVS dumped tobacco products, began work with Epic to bring EHRs to its MinuteClinics, and announced new clinical affiliations. Walgreens and Walmart have made similar expansions into health as multiple retailers jockey to be the consumer one stop shop for health.

Whill, a designer of personal mobility products based in San Francisco and Japan, raised an $11 million Series A round. Whill created a high-performance alternative to a wheelchair with omnidirectional capacity and four-wheel-drive. Whill isn’t a traditional “Health 2.0” company, but we can imagine exciting possibilities in the future with the rise of robotics and the Internet of things.

Xerox built software algorithms that analyze the skin on the face for subtle color changes that could indicate irregular blood flow caused by atrial fibrillation. This means that doctors could monitor the most common type of arrhythmia using a basic webcam. A small pilot study confirmed proof of concept, and researchers are now conducting larger studies. One step closer to the tricorder, we say.

Axial Healthcare raised $1.75 million in a round led by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners and Sandbox Industries. The names are similar and we had to check twice, but Axial Healthcare is not to be confused with Mayo Clinic spinoff Axial Exchange. Axial Healthcare is focused on improving care during episodes of pain.

Avoid drunk driving, alcohol poisoning, etc., by keeping a track of how much you are drinking with SLBLUE, a handheld breathalyzer from SOBERLINK. Equipped with a professional-grade fuel cell for accurate alcohol measurement, it uses Bluetooth to pair with an iPhone or iPad to send test results from anywhere in the world. It is supported by SOBERLINK’s cloud based Monitoring Site, which includes Adaptive Facial Recognition, real-time alerts, automated reporting, and robust tamper detection. A strong contender to this space is AlcoChange, launched from the Health 2.0 India stage earlier this year.

HerStory is a smartphone app where women can share health advice and stories with each other. Users communicate via audio recordings, which has been proven to be more effective that text in building a personal and compelling therapeutic connection. The app focuses on acute and chronic illnesses, allowing users to hear personal tips from people who have gone through the challenges they are facing as well as share their own journey. It is a product of 22otters, funded by Khosla Ventures.

iMedX, a health information solutions company, has added nearly $50M in acquisition revenue over the past 12 months as a result of eight deals, including five in 2014. iMedX provides solutions for medical documentation, high-value medical coding services, and data analytics solutions. iMedX raised $4M in Dec 2013, bringing its total funding to $22.3M.

According to a new study by, the European wearable technology market is set to grow at a CAGR of 42.1% during 2014 2019. The products reviewed are smart clothing and smart sport glasses, activity monitors, sleep sensors, smart watches, heads-up displays, smart glasses, continuous glucose monitor, drug delivery, monitors, wearable patches, hand worn terminals, and augmented reality headsets among others.

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