Health Blogging: The New Era for Health Information Distribution


The new generation of health fanatics are here, and they are going digital. More and more people are accessing online resources for their health related questions, queries and worries. Even the less technologically inclined are being drawn to the online world to find out more about their health. However, this luxury that we have in searching for all kinds of information on the internet comes at a cost. Not to us, but to health companies using adwords to get more exposure. If you have a website and want it to appear at the top of the Google search, you can get there by paying for adwords. This often costs per click and is at a great expense for smaller health websites.

There can be a solution, and the new hype is health blogging. There are hundreds of bloggers that are fascinated by all things health, and dedicate their blogs to such topics. Here are a few examples that portray the variety of subjects covered by bloggers:

  1. FoodPolitics – a proclaimed author and professor in the department of nutrition, Marion Nestle also manages to keep up an excellent blog on the politics of food nutrition.
  2. MindBodyGreen – a visual and content rich blog that covers all health subjects, including mind health, exercise and green living. The topics are covered by leading professional experts in their field.
  3. Run To The Finish – an inspiring one woman story, Amanda Brooks blogs about personal training, fitness and importantly she shows us she is human by adding her personality to all of her posts.

These are just a few of the many health blogs, and many people are being drawn to them because they provide a more personal and accessible channel for gathering health information. Gone are the days where people just want an answer to their symptoms; now people are clued in, interested in their health and want to hear about it from people they can relate to.

As a company you can reach out to bloggers and inspire them to write about your content. This is a great way to spread your message, as it is translated into the bloggers own words which appeals to their followers. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost the company for advertising on Google, and once a blogger writes a post it remains on the web forever.  However, connecting with bloggers on an individual basis can be time consuming and challenging work for a resource strapped company.

This is where BlogsRelease– the #1 online industry news board for bloggers, can help. This new tool enables brands to engage with bloggers via distribution of content rich press releases to thousands of blogger partners worldwide. The process of reaching health bloggers is made much easier by the unique targeting features that BlogsRelease provides; the choice in category and demographic really enables the brand to target their specific audience.

The most important thing to remember when approaching bloggers is to provide them with meaningful and interesting content that will inspire and move them to write about the company. Building marketing relationships with bloggers is a slow but rewarding process and is reinforced by constant flow of relevant information.

We would love to hear what strategies you have for engaging with bloggers. What has worked best?

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