Traction: Health 2.0’s Startup Championship Finalists Announced!

The moment you all have been waiting for, Traction finalists are here! Traction: Health 2.0’s Startup Championship will feature 10 of 2014’s most promising digital health startups. This is not a seed stage tournament. All of these companies have already raised money (in some cases a small A round), are embedded in one or several clients, and are well on their way. They are now looking to scale up and sign bigger clients and/or raise a significant round in the $4-14m range. The competition is to see who the judges think who has the most traction

Check out the finalists:

Provider Facing Track

Tute Genomics allows researchers to analyze & interpret entire human genomes and discover genes and biomarkers faster than current practices.

SharePractice is a community that lets physicians search for and review medical treatments. Doctors can enter any diagnosis to see how their colleagues around the world rank the best treatments.

ChatrHealth’s Cascadia is set of iPad-based modules that adapt the checklist functionality used by airline pilots to improve safety in in clinical situations, starting with anesthesia and surgery, and moving to other medical procedures.

Connexient’s MediNav provides a digital wayfinding and patient communication system for hospitals.

Frame Health uses big data to predict which patients will be non-compliant using psychology that’s been extensively tested in many non-health settings, and then generates precise instructions for providers on how to improve compliance for each individual patient.

Consumer Facing Track

Zest Health sells a care concierge and benefits selection service to employers. Employees get symptom checking, key benefits information,and the ability to book, receive, and pay for care online. Or as they say it’s like Teladoc meets Zocdoc, Mint meets Castlight, & Groupon meets Priceline. All in one.

Health Recovery Solutions prevents hospital re-admissions by giving patients a tablet with instructions, information, detailed easy to understand treatment plans, and easy communications back to the providers.

Tiatros’ Healthcare Relationship Management solution connects a patient, their family members and their caregivers–and all of their data, medical records, assessments and appointments. It also enables them to communicate in real time with their doctors and entire medical team. is a virtual clinical assistant that inrteracts drectly with chronically ill patients. The interactive, speech driven avatar can quickly assess a patient’s condition and provide caregivers with relevant insights for meaningful follow-up.

The Medisafe Project is a very intuitive medication reminder system (and a lot more) that helps patients and their families take their pills correctly. It’s had nearly a million organic downloads with no marketing. On the back end it’s a powerful data platform helping create better patient engagement and raise medication adherence.

Each of the finalists get mentored by an experienced investor, consultant or equity analyst including







And they’ll be judged by our hard nosed set of investors who are ready to poke holes in their business plan, or maybe want to get into their next funding round








You can buy your ticket for Traction as an add-on to the health 2.0 conference on Sept 22-24, but a few standalone tickets are being made available but space is limited so get yours today!

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