The Unmentionables 2014: Personal Life In The Health Care System

The Unmentionables is all about how intricately personal life is integrated into our health.  How can we worry about what food we eat when our budget is stressed? Alexandra Drane opens up about the abundant evidence regarding the lack of empathy in medicine and a call to reconstitute the way we look at personal life in the health care system.

Susannah Fox recuperates the idea regarding the sharing of ideas and connecting with each other to improve health, lower stress, and pass on simple ideas to benefit society via the internet.

Speaking of unmentionables, the topic gets a bit more steamy when Esther Perel explores the nuances of sexuality, desire, couples stability, and more.  Esther shares some very interesting insights regarding divorce, affairs, and why these specific things are important both in society and in corporations like Nike. What will a fragmented social structure do to our health? Can we stop treating sexuality as either smut or sanctimony?

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