NYSDOH Health Innovation Challenge Winners


On Wednesday, October 15th in Albany, the NYS Department of Health unveiled the winning solutions for the NYS Health Innovation Challenge that sought to empower communities and individuals to take control of their own health. The challenge was initiated to simplify navigation of the health care system, and provide more information for consumers and employers. Using health data and other information like health care costs, services provided, and availability, the challenge worked to provide applications that will assist individuals and their communities in choosing the right hospital for their specific health care needs.

This year’s winners represented the best and most user friendly health tech solutions:

DocSpot takes individuals’ unique requirements into consideration, and created an application that allows consumers to search for providers based on user specific filters to quickly and accurately find a provider that will fit his or her needs. The DocSpot website provides users with a variety of information, such as procedure details, treatment location options, relevant hospital metrics, and a feature that allows them to compare nearby hospitals based on their costs, coverage, and procedures.

HealthRank utilizes publicly available inpatient discharges data to provider users with a customizable ranking of hospitals they may be interested in. HealthRank provides an interface where users can input location, health diagnosis, and the importance they attribute to hospital elements such as length of stay, cost, number of cases seen, and proximity. The results are then ranked in order of best to worst match for the individuals’ needs. In this way, HealthRank is providing consumers with personalized health care recommendations.

NaviNext seeks to simplify the search for health care by creating an application that can transfer from web to mobile and provide users with a data rich source from which to select a health care provider based on diagnosis, cost, and location. In addition, users can compare hospital quality ratings, procedure finances, and routes to the hospital. NaviNext has created a simple, map based solution to supplement the search for nearby and user relevant hospitals.


The challenge was launched on the heels of Governor Cuomo’s OpenNY, which provides comprehensive state data collected from New York State agencies and the federal government. Acting State Health Commissioner Howard A. Zucker, M.D., J.D. noted “here in New York, the ability to compare and contrast health care option is around the corner- with quality, cost and efficiency data- to help consumers in making informed health care decisions.” The winning solutions are certainly a step in that direction.



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