Health 2.0 Europe: Patient Prescreening Tool With AI

Infermedica is an artificial intelligence and machine learning company focused on clinical decision support. Their latest product, Healthform, is an intelligent patient prescreening tool that can be integrated into any check-in system for a clinic or a hospital.
Unlike existing tools for online patient check-in, Healthform uses its proprietary medical inference and reasoning technology to conduct a conversation with a patient. Healthform asks a series of questions pertaining to the patient’s demographic data, risk factors and reported chief complaints, using a statistical method called the value of information. This way the patient answers only questions that are related to his/her symptoms, which match underlying diagnoses derived by the reasoning engine.

After the interview, the patient’s data are securely transmitted to the healthcare provider. On the provider’s side, Infermedica uses its technology to show a list of likely differential diagnoses with their attendant probabilities, color-coding conditions that may warn of the need for immediate clinical attention. In the future, Healthform will also provide a list of recommended lab tests and clinical findings.

As Dr. Irv Loh (Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Infermedica) says, “Healthform’s goal is to assist both patients and healthcare providers in arriving at the most probable diagnoses quickly and efficiently, thus improving the quality of care as well as saving time and money.”

If you plan to attend the upcoming 5th Annual Health 2.0 Europe conference, you will have a chance to see an Infermedica demo at the first-day session called “Tools for Hospitals and Health Professionals”.

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