2nd Aid: Youngest Health 2.0 Demo-ers To Take the Stage In London

By: Aline Noizet

This year, Health 2.0 Europe will be welcoming on stage the youngest ever speakers. Demo-ers from 2nd Aid are only 15 years old. Those young entrepreneurs coming from Barcelona, Spain has founded 2nd Aid, which provides tailor-made tablets for hospitals to offer entertainment, education, social networking etc. for hospitalized kids.4

The company was born as part of the assignment Become an Entrepreneur, taught at Col.legi Montserrat  in Barcelona. The 15 years old students have the opportunity to choose this entrepreneurial course working in groups of 5 people. Students open their own company, takes on a specific role (General Manager, Marketing Director, Finance Director, Operations Director and Human Resources Director), and works on the full life cycle of the company – from idea generation to production, sales, and finally liquidation of the company. They need to find investors, negotiate with suppliers, establish partnerships, do their market research, and develop marketing campaigns to support the launch of their product or service.

It makes students develop their entrepreneurial skills and experience the positive impact that their ideas can have on society. Col.legi Montserrat uses Stanford’s Design Thinking and other methodologies to make students seek innovative solutions to solve concrete social problems (hunger, pollution, diseases, poverty, among others).

Col.legi Montserrat was founded in 1926 by the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth Congregation. Its educational project is based on the Multiple Intelligences theory from Howard Gardner and the Project Base Learning methodology.

Other examples of companies, which were started this year:

1ABLE: Aims to show to the world that, even if we are born different, we all are ABLE. “For us, each person has a special gift, each one is unique and special. We should stop talking about “disabled” and talk about ABLE instead”. They have created an online contest to allow disabled people discover their talents. talentosolidarios.com

bsB-SAFE: A company willing to help retirement centers. A computer based software and a bracelet allows you to know the in and out movements of senior people in the center. On top, each bracelet contains a geoLocator-chip that can locate lost residents.


3HANDS GIVING: Winner of the “Best European Social Company of the Year”, this group of young entrepreneurs wanted to promote volunteering work among young people. They contacted all organizations in Barcelona and created a unique Notebook with all the voluntary work you can do in the city at any time.

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